Jean-Louis Palladin Film Production Dinner

Event Details

12 Course Dinner

Tuesday, January 14

6:00 PM

The Reserve at Perona Farms

$250 per person
Proceeds to Jean-Louis Documentary Film Development Fund

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Jean-Louis Palladin was a world renowned chef, father, and dear friend to many. Among his many accomplishments, he led the revolution of the French chefs bringing their fine art to the United States, and he, simply, was one of the most important influences on 20th century American culinary culture.

The Culinary Experience Dinner at Perona Farms will feature the expertise of twelve of the country’s best chefs working to raise funds for the film dedicated to Jean-Louis’ life and legacy.

The event will include a 12 course culinary experience and top shelf open-bar with each ticket purchase. It will also contribute rich content for the film with recordings of the evening honoring the culinary masterpieces by each chef. The dinner is being hosted by owner and Chef, Kirk Avondoglio and will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable culinary experiences in creating, “All the Best,  Jean Louis.”

All the Best, Jean-Louis is King Moon’s documentary production, long in development, by Creator and Executive Producer Suzi Bittles – on the seminal work of legendary master chef, Jean-Louis Palladin. Learn more here: