New Jersey Barn Wedding

The Grounds at Perona Farms

Our unrivaled wedding location in the serene countryside of Northern New Jersey has been a destination since 1917. The sprawling estate is home to our magnificent venues, gardens, patios, an orchard, and beautiful Perona Lake. You and your wedding guests will be captivated by the idyllic location.

Outdoor areas include spaces for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and even fireworks at your reception.


Our expansive grounds allow for endless possibilities, creative photography, and unforgettable fireworks displays.

Explore The Grounds

Looking for a place to take your wedding photos? Perona Farms grounds have countless options for creative photography – from Perona Lake and the island to our historic barn and gardens, we have you covered. Take a look at the list of our recommended services for a selection of photographers that work at Perona Farms on a regular basis.

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