“Nose to Tail” Feast of St. Martin Dinner

Event Details

Feast of St. Martin Dinner

Wednesday, November 11

6:00 PM

The Reserve at Perona Farms

$200 per person

Very limited socially distant seating available for this event

**this event is strictly 21+**

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St. Martin of Tours Day (or Martinmas), a feast holiday which occurred after the fall harvest on November 11, originated during the Middle Ages in France, before eventually spreading throughout the rest of Europe. This meat-permitted Catholic Church celebration involved slaughtering a pig (or cow or bull) to avoid having to feed the animal during the cold winter months. Catholics also celebrated the harvest’s new wine.

Saint Martin was known as a friend of the children and patron of the poor. The Feast of St Martin helped establish the first Thanksgiving and Halloween traditions in the United States.

In Switzerland, the home of Chef Florian, the menu features every part of the pig, prepared in a very codified menu. In our version we will be using a locally raised pig in these classic dishes “From Nose to Tail” accompanied by featured wines.